why sans?


because your customers really will love us!


Our goal is to provide skincare products that are good for us and good for our beautiful planet. We don’t use anything synthetic, we don’t use anything that is harmful. But we want to make one thing perfectly clear . . . we are definitely not your farmer’s market natural skincare line. You can stack Sans up against any of the top luxury brands. We’ve got everything they’ve got, except the harmful chemicals! With our special formulations we are able to offer skincare products that are 100% chemical free, 100% safe, and 100% good for the body.

Benefits to You and Your Customer

• An all Natural Experience. This is an area that is gaining more and more importance among consumers. Today, 73 percent of people are more conscious of the natural ingredients that go into personal care products than five years ago. Consumers are educated, they are checking labels. They want products, in all areas of their lives, that are pure and natural.

•    An Experience for the Senses. Every aspect of the customer’s “experience” is very important to us. From our packaging to what’s inside, we take great care to make sure the customer will be decadently indulged! Our clean branding gives a
fresh, tranquil feel. The beautiful, glass jar of our whipped butters is elegant to the touch. Upon opening our jars, the natural scent of essential oils fill the air, when such exquisite scents exist in nature, why would one want anything artificial? Our butters are beautifully whipped and swirled into the jars. Finishing off the visual appeal is a
tiny delicate pale green beeswax leaf atop the swirl of whip . . . the Sans logo. The butter is smooth, silky, and luscious to the touch. It melts right into the skin without being oily. As one customer said, “The Sans Whipped Body Butter is deserving of praise. It’s the first body butter I’ve ever used that left my skin feeling as though I had just applied a lotion, rather than an oil”.

• Unique and One-of-a-Kind. Your customer will instantly realize, whether purchasing for herself or as a gift, that Sans is unique, special, and truly one-of-a-kind. She won't have to sacrifice luxury for health, Sans is nothing short of luxurious.


Should you have any questions, please call us at:  301.801.4201 or email us at hello@SansSkincare.com.