sans skincare, pure and simple


you say you want a truly natural product?

here’s why water must stay out


Water itself is not bad; we need water. Water sustains life . . . but, therein lies the problem, where there is water there can be life in the form of bacteria and other harmful microbes. So if there is water, any kind of water in a formulation, a preservative must be used. If a preservative is doing its job, it is killing those microbes . . . this is good. What is not good, however, is that the preservative will also kill the microbes that live on our skin and within our bodies. This, at first blush sounds like a good thing, but it’s not.

Our skin, the magnificent barrier between the body and the outside world, is home to diverse microbes, some of which can promote immunity and fight invaders. It has been long believed that there is an important involvement of "good" bacteria in strengthening the immune system in order to maintain good health and fight disease . . . think probiotics. It is crucially important to our health to keep this delicate balance of good bacteria on the skin and within our bodies, where it can help protect us. By using a product that contains a preservative, that preservative is killing ALL bacteria, the bad bacteria in the product as well as the beneficial, good bacteria on our skin and in our bodies, thus weakening our immune system and making us susceptible to disease.

We leave water, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals out, so our products will do no harm